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You know how writing a book seems like an impossible task?

Julie solves this.

She helps entrepreneurs, CEOs, speakers, coaches, experts, and other business people write, publish, and market books that expand their reach, build their brands, and get those important messages out into the world. She does this through online mentorship, private coaching, and ghostwriting services.

Julie Anne Eason is a best selling author and has been a professional writer for over 20 years. After figuring out that fiction writing wasn’t for her, she turned to freelance journalism, copywriting, and ghostwriting for a living in order to stay home and raise her three children.

As technology advanced, she witnessed the balance of power in the publishing industry shift. Once the big New York publishers held all the cards. Writers were “lucky” if they could land an agent or a book contract. But now individuals are taking the initiative and writing, publishing, and marketing their own books without the need for an agent or publisher to give them a chance. Finally, businesses and non-profits can take advantage of the amazing power of books to spread their messages and promote their products.

Julie prefers to work with business people because she enjoys writing books that meet certain marketing goals. Her newest work, The Profitable Business Author: How to Write a Book That Attracts Clients and Customers, empowers business people to write their own books using the same proven method she developed for her best selling clients.

Recently, she combined her love for marketing and writing to create The Successful Author Podcast, where she interviews book industry experts on writing, publishing, and marketing books.

Since she can only ghostwrite a few books each year, she has dedicated herself to empowering others to write their own books by creating the Nonfiction Book Academy. This is an online mentoring program where authors and soon-to-be authors can get the caring support and guidance they need to finally write, publish, market, and profit from their books.

Julie lives in Maine with her husband and children.


2011 – Fastest book record — wrote physical book in 7 days (That was one awesome, whirlwind week!)

2012 – First Amazon best seller

2013 – First New York Times best seller; First Barnes & Noble best seller


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