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If writing doesn’t come easily to you, maybe there’s another way…

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xxx Writing is about communication, plain and simple. But not all writing is created equal, and your content will be different depending on your objectives. For example, with business writing, there’s a goal. You want people to DO something. However, they might not want to do it. Or they might not understand exactly what you […]

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xxx People frequently tell me, “I’m thinking of writing a book; it’s called _______.” They already know the title of their book. It’s something they’ve been thinking about for a long time, maybe years, maybe decades. They are married to the title. They think it completely encapsulates everything they want to say. It’s their message. It’s their baby. And […]

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xxx As the saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. (Why anyone would want to skin a cat, I have no idea.) The point is, if you want to write a book, there’s more than one way to do that as well. The most obvious way is to sit down with your introduction or first […]

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xxx Sometimes authors get ideas in their heads for books that actually have nothing to do with their overall goals. For example, I recently collaborated with a coaching client who wanted to leave her corporate job and start her own training company. She was a well-regarded public speaking coach who enjoyed helping people feel more comfortable creating presentations and delivering them […]

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xxx As a business person, one reason you’re writing a book is probably to enhance your credibility and show your potential clients and customers that you’re an expert. But you can’t just come out and say “I’m an expert! Buy my stuff!” — Well, you can. And people do it all the time. But that […]

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xxx There are few things worse than having a half-done book sitting on your hard drive that never gets published. Time is short. People are waiting for your book. So stop screwing around with your manuscript, and get it done already! Here are a few strategies to keep you moving forward: 1. If you haven’t created […]

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We all know the revenue-generating power of live events. The networking, the late-night brainstorming, the deals struck over cocktails and dinner—they can be tremendous business builders. Wouldn’t it be great if you could personally show up at every single conference and seminar in your industry? Imagine attending every live event that caters to your perfect […]

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I don’t know about you, but I have a reverence for books. I love them. I read at least a book a week. I hang out in bookstores just to soak up the atmosphere. I follow authors on social media, and frequently I buy products and services they’re selling.And I’m not alone.Millions of books are […]

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