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A book is one of the best ways to show potential clients and customers exactly how you can help them.

Today’s publishing options mean you can publish your book in a matter of days. And that’s a problem. It’s tempting to rush the process, write your book in a week, and then upload it to Amazon. Poof! You’re published.

But what does that rushed book say about you? Does it represent you as a respected professional? (Or does it scream Amateur?)

Don’t settle for just being a published author. Take the time to do it right, and be a respected author in your industry.

After all, your business and reputation are represented in the pages of that book.


If you aren’t sure where to start, or you’ve just run out of hours in the day, I can help.

You can choose from a variety of coaching and ghostwriting packages, depending on your needs.


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Often the hardest part of writing a book is getting the message and nonfiction structure just right, especially when your goal is to attract customers and clients. Probably the second hardest part is building an active platform full of people interested in buying your book.

My Strategic Planning Package helps you:

  • Refine your message and outline your book.
  • Engage your audience and start building your platform.
  • Connect that audience to your business.

We start with an in-depth interview over Skype. Then I spend time organizing and outlining your book. Then we’ll get together to refine the outline so you’ll never get stuck wondering what to write next.

You’ll walk away with a complete outline for your book, so you know exactly what to write. It’s the next best thing to hiring me as your ghostwriter — at a fraction of the cost!

One bonus call is available while you’re writing to discuss any issues that come up and to make sure your writing is on track.

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Ghostwriting Package:

Successful business leaders rarely have the time to sit down and devote months or years to writing a book themselves. That’s why ghostwriters are one of the best-kept secrets in the publishing industry. I can take your thoughts and stories and turn them into a book for you while you’re busy taking care of business.

Whether you’re working on a best selling hard cover or an e-book for traffic generation, you want a book you can be proud of! Poor quality writing is an embarrassment to you and your business. Can you really afford to put out a bad book?

The process is completely virtual, using online meetings and recording software, so we can work around your busy schedule. Full-length books may require in-person meetings.

Remember, you are the author. You are deeply involved in the creation of your book. You have the ideas and the expertise; I put everything together into a finished, professional work that positions you as the expert you truly are.

Every project is different, but here’s how a typical book is written from start to finish:

  1. We create a detailed outline together, including subject matter, tone, and possible artwork for each chapter.
  2. I interview you for each chapter or section to get an initial “brain dump”of the content.
  3. I write first draft. You collect any artwork, graphs, or charts you want to be in the final book. These should be sent to me as soon as possible.
  4. You read draft and give me any changes you’d like to see. This is not a major process. I work very hard to get the content and tone just right in the outlining and draft stages. Any edits tend to be minor.
  5. I complete any revisions and send to a 3rd party copy editor.
  6. I incorporate the copy edits into the final manuscript.
  7. It’s off to the publisher.

Full length books of 200 pages start at $50,000.

The first step is to fill out an application here. 


Book Writing Retreats:

Spend three gloriously productive days totally immersed in your book! Join an intimate group of authors as I coach you through the rough spots.

No matter where you are in the writing process — still planning the book, or stuck somewhere in the middle — we’ll move you through your stuck points and get you writing in the right direction.

Get plenty of one-on-one coaching on your book, as well as hours of quiet time to write.

Rooms and meals are included, so there are no distractions. Just focused writing time.


Start-to-Finish Book Program:

Writing, Publishing & Distribution (all done for you)

If time is your most important asset, you know the value of having a trusted ally take care of ALL the details for you.

I partner with publishers and distributors to take your book from idea to finished product.

Let us take care of:

  • Ghostwriting
  • Editing
  • Cover design
  • Layout
  • Publishing
  • Book website and social media marketing
  • Online book store distribution

Serious inquiries only, please.

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